Happy 25 Years Wimbledon and IBM!

I always think that everyone like’s a birthday and then I’m reminded that there are one or two who would rather forget. Well, even if you don’t IBM does like a birthday. We celebrated our Centennial a couple of years ago (see this video of all our achievements during that time), and now we’re delighted […]

B4C: the new B2C

I think we need to change our vocabulary. I remember being on a course focused on finances and we were encouraged not to say “CapEx” and “OpeEx” but instead their full phrases “Capital Expenditure” and “Operating Expenditure” so that we would really focus on what they meant. So while we keep using the phrase “B2C” […]

Why has social technology worked?

Today I had the honour of talking at Dundee’s Women in Science festival.  I had picked the subject “What is the Millenial Virtuous Cycle?… and other social impacts”, with the “Millenial Virtuous Cycle” being a rather interesting cycle of innovation being predicted by IBM Research in this year’s Global Technology Outlook (link to 2013’s report) […]

The future of the L&P data centre (part 2 of 2)

In my previous post I started thinking about the influences which will change data centres in Life and Pensions organisations.  There are a few more topics I believe will have an impact.  The first is DevOps. Introduction of DevOps It’s more than just one of the latest buzzwords, DevOps is the sort of practice which […]

The future of the L&P data centre (part 1)

In response to conversations with some Life and Pensions organisations recently I have been pondering the future of the data centre in that sector. Regulatory challenges, internal operational strategy, and intellectual property all influence the future of the data centre in the Life and Pensions sector.  Although the provision of information technology is not the […]

Don’t be afraid…

… to get it wrong. That was another conclusion from a Smarter City workshop and I think it’s so important. Not every good idea will work in every area in every city.  But not every idea that fails in one area will fail in another too.  So don’t be afraid to trial things. After all, […]

Two for the price of one

I’ve been thinking about this ever since I sat down in a workshop with Sustainable Glasgow to discuss the future of the city centre in Glasgow and what changes are required, with limited resources, to cater for future needs. The climate is changing, and it’s likely to get wetter and warmer.   Anna Beswick, of Adaptation […]

Small steps

I’ve been thinking about the “how” of Smarter and reading the vision for Smarter Cities at IBM.com is an inspirational one. But for those who already have commitments on resources (people, budget specifically) then the approach to Smarter can be achieved with smaller steps. Let’s think about a single view of the citizen and what […]