I have a number of labels: technical architect, problem solver, people person, technical leader and so on.

My chief aim is the application of technology to problems to make the world a better place.  It’s somewhat a high level goal (!) because so far I’ve found all industries and most problems come with their own exciting possibilities and frustrating challenges.

At the start of 2016 I was appointed IBM’s Technical Leader (aka Industry Architect) for Travel & Transportation.  This is largely based on my experience in technologies applicable to the industry such digital engagement capabilities that make more of employees and customers and smarter cities technologies that support more intelligent, effective and efficient operations.

In my role in IBM I have the opportunity to have discussions with business and technical leaders alike, and whilst technology can be an enabler for many positive results, I’ve come across many decisions, processes and other constraints which act as inhibitors, which stifle opportunities for innovation and change.  This blog is my place to share thoughts on how technology is changing and how we must adapt.   I used to work in the area of Smarter Cities so you’ll see some older posts on that from my old blog: samoorecities.

Although I work for IBM in my blog all opinions are my own.  You can find me on twitter as samoore and there you’ll find that some of those opinions I share may not reflect my opinions, but may be something I think is of interest.


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